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“Anirvedit”, means Self Reliant. At Anirvedit we empower the youth with the set of skills and provide them the strength to carve their own path.

Youth is the future of every country, at A.C.T (Anirvedit Charitable Trust), we work in the field of vocational studies and provide them a platform to learn and earn. Our basic aim is to make our youth especially those who are less fortunate and have limited means of livelihood, self reliant. We are committed to make them believe in themselves respect themselves and also others in society. Here we believe, it is our duty to uplift and help the needy. Enabling someone to earn a living is the best form of charity ever.

Our aim is not to give the beneficiaries just food or money but to make them capable of earning their own bread and turning them into assets, from liabilities for their families as well as society. In its eleventh five year plan, the government too has accorded vocational training top priority as the best means to eradicate poverty. We can all contribute in the upliftment of the backward class of our society.

We train them in the field of, Computer typing, computer basics, Computer finance and also stitching and embroidery. We are also affiliated with Sarva IT and Educational development (India).

We also give them job opportunities in our N.G.O and also give them carrier counseling, after training them with the proper skill. In order to prepare them for the competition ahead we also give them English as well as personality development classes.

Anirvedit also has its products range which we intend to sell online. In order to provide jobs to the students who learn stitching and embroidery at our center we make products like, shopping bags, storage bags table covers etc. we also make customized products.