Appalled by the stark reality of the problem of unemployment and youth taking a wrong path of crime for earning the living, few likeminded people joined hands to bring some serious solution. The obsession of bringing the change in society was the seed which sprouted as “Anirvedit”.

Individuals from diverse field form our board of trustees and advisory body. There are three trustees;

IMG_0090Mrs Garima Gaur: Anirvedit was a brainchild of Mrs Gaur. She is a lawyer by Profession and a founder president of Anirvedit. After working for few years, she left her practice to help underprivileged.


IMG_0096Dr.Karishma Sharma: Dr Sharma,(B.D.S & Implantogist) is a founder member of Anirvedit. Doctor by profession and philanthropist by heart, Sharma wants to give her contribution in making youth self reliant.


IMG_0092Mrs Ruchi Gupta: Mrs Gupta is a founder member of Anirvedit and truly a moving spirit. She is Msc in plant pathology and helps in the online presence of Anirvedit and fund raising. Disturbed by the health of our society she wants to contribute towards nation building.

Volunteer members and advisory body

IMG_0089Dr. Akanksha Singh: Mrs Singh is Doctorate in finance and a wife of an IAS officer. She also helps Anirvedit to raise funds. She is a professor in finance, humanitarian and is zealously committed to the society’s cause.



IMG_0088Mrs Meenakshi Lanba: Mrs Lanba helps Anirvedit to raise the funds and also plans our projects. She is a commerce graduate and is self employed. She can work tirelessly when it comes to helping the underprivileged.



IMG_0203Mr Ved Prakash Sharma: Mr Sharma is a respectable citizen of India and a well known name in the field of writing. He has written more than 170 novels (and still writing). He is the story, screenplay and dialogue writer of few bollywood films. He is a true patriotic by heart and is the head of our advisory board. He believes in only one religion that is: “Karma”.


IMG_0194Mr Gaurav Gaur: Mr Gaur is a businessman and an altruist. He strongly believes that we owe to the society we live in and must help in improving the conditions of our society. He is the member of advisory board of Anirvedit.


IMG-20160418-WA0009Ms. Tanya Arora: Manager, She is a commerce graduate and have completed her diploma course from IIFT.



Introduction of Teachers

IMG-20150917-WA0000Masters in Computer Science, Mr. Ankur Saxena is our computer teacher. He also holds diploma in Computer I.T.I. He has experience of five years. He takes our Computer Typing, Computer Basics and Financial Accounting (Tally) classes.



IMG-20160418-WA0010Mrs Preeti Verma is an Arts Graduate from Delhi University. She is also a 2 years Diploma holder in fashion technology from Women’s Training Institute Y.W.C.A of Delhi. Mrs. Mittal has an experience of two years. She takes our stitching and embroidery classes.